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Selling yourself - CV tips

In general, employers allow just 30 seconds to look at each potential candidate's CV. Here are some useful tips to make sure that time is well spent.

1) Always type your CV and keep it to two pages.

2) The way you present your information can be personal to you, but make sure it is easy to read.

3) Keep the font size readable and ensure there is space on the page for the information to breathe.

4) Make sure the email address you leave will not cause embarrassment to those looking to get in touch.

5) Always check your spelling and grammar. Mistakes indicate you may lack attention to detail or simply rushed your CV.

6) Keep it simple, using a clear, concise writing style, relevant headings and bullet points where possible.

7) If you want to include a profile, keep it brief and avoid generic statements such as: 'good team player'.

8) Graphics and novelty features are to be removed. It is the information that matters.

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When you send through your CV, we make a point of reading through each page thoroughly and will advise you if we feel it needs rewording or restructuring in any way.

Why use a recruitment agency?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just sit back and let the perfect job find you? Well, a recruitment agency can offer you just that.

Register with us now!Once you’ve registered and been interviewed, a consultant will take on the job of matching you with a suitable employer. Forget the endless inappropriate interviews and cover letters. This is a targeted approach that gets results.

Why LOL?

Trying to find and keep work can be both a stressful and daunting experience. We, at LOL Contracts are here to show you you’re not alone. Our team is committed to offering a friendly and useful service to all candidates. We are here you help you. We are not just here to find you a job that matches your skills, but one that suits your personality.

We look to recruit for a variety of industry sectors from logistics and construction to domestic services and catering. Whatever your profession or skills-set, however, our experience and expertise means that we will work hard to place you or give you the advice you need to further your career or find a new direction.

Our clients include a range of business in and around the Melton area. We believe that local people are the life-blood of local business and we take pride in representing candidates that we know will make a difference.

Our service is free of charge to candidates so even if you don’t find a temporary or permanent position through us, we hope our advice and knowledge of the local labour market will give you the confidence to market yourself effectively.

It’s our time to listen and your time to tell us what you want. Only then can we help you find it.

What next?

This is your first step to finding a new job. Simply fill out our registration form and when your details have been received we will be in touch if we feel there is an opening that matches your criteria.

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In the hotseat: Top interview tips

From looking the part and dressing to impress to knowing your stuff and arriving on time, LOL has some great guidance to ensure your first impression is a good one.

Before the interview:

  1. Always ask questions beforehand to ascertain whether you need to prepare anything or be ready for job-specific tests.
  2. Know where you’re going and leave plenty of time to get there.
  3. Take your CV and a list of key points/questions you want to raise.
  4. Dress appropriately for the position. If you have any doubts, wear a suit. No one will criticise you for being too smart but they may be offended if you turn up in jeans. Avoid overpowering scents, unsuitable body piercings and jewellery and make sure your hair is well tamed.
  5. Prepare mentally by thinking about what you want to get across and, in particular, why you want the job and to work at the organisation.
  6. Plan to have two or three questions you would like to ask.

At the interview:

  1. First impressions really count. An interviewer will form a judgement about you within the first five minutes.
  2. Watch your body language. Sit upright and maintain good eye contact at all times.
  3. Try to relax, smile and be honest. The interviewer needs to see that you will fit into the organisation.
  4. Always end the interview in a positive way.

We interview all prospective candidates before recommending them to employers. This is your opportunity to shine and be yourself. To send us your CV fill out our registration form.