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Talent spotting

CVs are so much more than a paper exercise. Here are five top tips to help you separate the men from the boys.

Watch out for spelling mistakes.

A CV that is scattered with errors reflects badly on the candidate.

Can the candidate summarise well and explain experiences in a
concise manner?

A well structured and planned CV with bullet points and relevant headings is a definite asset and shows clear thinking and professionalism.

Check out gaps in work history.

Career breaks are not a problem, but you may want to investigate further if it was as the result of a conviction.

Hobbies and interests are a great way of identifying the skills you need.

If you are looking for a team player it might be better to choose a footballer than a stamp collector?

Is the candidate committed to the job?

Look closely at a candidate’s employment history for previous commitment.

Why use a recruitment agency?

Running a business means time is money. While it’s difficult to put a figure on the amount of revenue lost if a recruitment exercise is handled in-house, every detail is almost guaranteed to have a negative impact on your productivity levels and your bottom line.

With so many integral stages, from finding the most cost-effective places to advertise and organising the size and description of the ad to fielding the calls and queries, reading through applications and setting up an interview schedule, there is no cutting corners. It takes time, it costs money and, most of all, it doesn’t always work.

That’s where we come in. Recruitment agencies are a cost-effective and workable solution for even the smallest business. Getting the experts to do the headhunting needn’t cost the earth.

At LOL, we can be your eyes and ears, reading the CVs you don’t have time to and conducting the interviews you’d rather forget. It takes our time and only your money if the candidate we recommend is the right one for you.

With a minefield of new and increasingly more complex employment legislation, recruiting a good workforce and reducing staff turnover has never been harder. That’s why both large and small companies alike are switching to using agencies such as ours to keep ahead of the game.

Ten reasons why you need LOL

1) A master of all trades

Whatever the brief, from temporary to permanent, logistics to clerical and managing directors to labourers, we will work hard to find you the right person for the job. Our extensive database of skilled applicants also means that a suitable candidate may be just a phone call away.

2) A company that understands your needs

In recruitment there is no perfect formula. Every business is different and we recognise that the recruitment process needs to reflect that. At LOL we believe in creating strong relationships with both our clients and candidates. Once we know and understand you, we are ideally placed to get you the results you deserve. And by maintaining close contact we can ensure that when the right candidate registers, you’ll know where to find them.

3) An eye for detail

We, at LOL, are committed to saving you time, not wasting it. That’s why our candidate screening process is thorough, and our standards high. Armed with your detailed job description, we conduct both telephone and face-to-face interviews and check references to identify the real contenders.

4) A service you can rely on

The right candidate can do wonders for your business, and that’s why the only candidates you will ever see are those who have reinforced their CV boasts or excelled in previous placements. Pre-selection gives you the time you need to make a considered choice. And with LOL at your disposal, you can have complete anonymity, protecting you from unsuitable and potentially time-consuming approaches.

5) An information provider

Information is our business. With an in-depth knowledge of the local labour markets and employment rights, we can advise you on all aspects of labour, from availability and skilled/unskilled staff to issues of compensation, benefits, hours and conditions of work. You are free to approach us at any time and test out the calibre of our candidates, without having to commit.

6) A candidate in no time

Need a replacement and need it fast? It is our aim to meet any recruitment challenge head on and help you find both long-term and short-term prospects, within your timescale. Continued contact and relationship building also helps us identify candidates who would suit your organisation, making it easier to plug your skills gaps at speed.

7) An honest answer

Honesty is an integral part of each and every one of our contracts. We make it our business to be as accountable as possible and make sure you know exactly what you are getting at each stage of the process.

8) A community driver

LOL Contracts is the local answer to all your recruitment needs, trading with commercial enterprises in Melton and the surrounding area wherever possible. It is so important for local people to be given the opportunity to work within local companies and that’s why we work closely with four local job centres and training and development companies. Our involvement with the Careers office also means we are equipped to place both those starting out and those further down the career path.

9) A professional approach

With Dawn's personal REC membership, you can expect great service, every time. Each client or candidate is as important as the next, and we pride ourselves in going that extra mile to get the best results. Our friendly and approachable style means you have all the support you need, whenever you need it.

10) A price you can afford

Forget the cost of advertising and the time it takes to draft those rejection letters. If you don’t find what you’re looking for it won’t cost you a penny. With LOL Contracts, there is no gamble. For permanent positions we only charge 10% of the annual salary and for temporary placements we aim to satisfy both your needs and your budget.

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