Registration agreement

From April 2004 all employment agencies and businesses are required by law (The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003) to work within certain new guidelines. The key objective of these regulations is to protect small employers, young people, those working at or near the minimum wage level and the vulnerable.  However, any work seeker is ultimately affected by these regulations.

The following are taken directly from the regulations and we are required to make you aware of them before we can submit your CV and details to a prospective client. By agreeing to allow us to submit your CV to a prospective client after receipt of this letter, you are also signifying your agreement to the terms.

LOL Contracts Ltd obligations to its candidates

Under the regulations, we will be providing the work seeking services in the capacity of an employment agency.

We will make every reasonable endeavour to find suitable opportunities for you to provide your services by way of employment.

We will not submit your CV to a potential employer until we have discussed the possible role with you.

At the time an opportunity for formal employment interview is discussed with you we shall inform you of the identity of the client, and if applicable the nature of their business; the date the work is likely to commence and the duration or likely duration of the work; the type of work, location and hours during which  you will be required to work; the remuneration that you will be paid; and any risks to health and safety known to the client and the steps the client has taken to prevent or control such risks. In addition the agency shall inform you what experience, training, qualifications and any authorisation required by law or a professional body the client considers necessary to work in the employment.

LOL Contracts Ltd does not charge its candidates for the work-seeking services.  On commencement of an assignment the client is charged an introduction fee.

LOL Contracts Ltd will always seek to obtain the highest/best salary and/or work package available for the role.  However, it must always be borne in mind that salaries are dependent on your experience and qualifications, as well as market factors.

You should be aware that there may be periods when no suitable opportunities for particular types of employment are available and that suitability for employment will be determined by LOL Contracts Ltd and the client. LOL Contracts Ltd shall incur no liability to you should we fail to offer opportunities for employment and that no contract shall exist between you and LOL Contracts Ltd other than in the terms of this agreement.

Your obligations as a candidate:

You will provide an up to date CV periodically and when requested to ensure the best employment opportunities can be identified.

You must confirm that all details contained within your CV are true and accurate including, but not limited to, scope of experience, training and qualifications. You must also provide two references.

You will provide a copy of your passport or other suitable identification to confirm your identity.

Confirming acceptance of this agreement also signifies your confirmation that all necessary permits for working in the UK have been obtained.

If, leading up to or during the course of an Assignment or within 13 weeks after the end of an Assignment the Client wishes to employ the Temporary Worker direct, the Temporary Worker acknowledges that the Employment Business will be entitled either to charge the Client an introduction fee or to agree an extension of 13 week hiring period with the Client at the end of which the Temporary Worker may be employed direct by the Client without further charge to the Client. The candidate/worker must inform LOL of any approaches or engagements made by either the candidate or the client.

Finally ...

If you have applied with reference to a particular vacancy please be assured that your CV has been passed directly to the consultant dealing with that vacancy for consideration.

By submitting your details via our website you are confirming your understanding of the above terms.

Temporary work confidentiality agreement

In return for Client providing information to me in the course of my assignment as a Temporary Worker with LOL Contracts Ltd, I promise to do the following in Relation to the information given to me in the course of such placement (“the Information”).

I promise to hold the information in the strictest confidence, and to ensure that it is kept in a safe and secure place when not in use. I acknowledge that no information is to be removed from Customer(s); I promise to use the information only for the purpose of the work for which I have been given such information; I promise not to disclose it to any third party or to copy the information except as may be required in the course of my duties. I agree that any breach of this undertaking by me or any third party to whom I release the information may result in legal proceedings being commenced against me including a claim for the recovery of any losses or damages incurred by the customer as a result of that breach.


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