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Did you know?

Every year, electrical faults, accidents or misuse of electrical equipment cause 28,000 fires in homes. Source: National community fire safety centre

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To talk through your plans for home improvement, or to find out more about the new legislation, please contact us on 01664 562729 or email

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When it's time for a spot of home improvement, it seems many of us fancy ourselves as a bit of a DIY expert, ready to take on the complex rewiring of a household. Unfortunately, according to the Health and Safety Executive, on average 10 people die and around 750 are injured every year as a result of unsafe electrical installations in the home and because they simply did not seek the right advice.

There is always a way to cut corners and minimise costs, but it is never a safe way and now it's against the law. Introduced in January 2005 as a way of reducing injuries and tackling 'cowboys', a new law requires all people carrying out domestic electrical installations and alterations in England and Wales to follow the rules set out in Part P of the Building Regulations. This is to ensure all completed electrical work is safe.

At LOL, we do the hard work so you don't have to. Understanding and complying with new legislation is our business and being registered with ELECSA to complete such work gives you a hazard-free environment in which to live. Rather than worry about meeting the standards and when to notify your local authority's building control department, LOL, with 'competent person' status can fulfil any electrical job and present you with a certificate to prove compliance.

Getting it right, however, is not just about adhering to a set of rules. From simply adding more power points to designing and wiring your extension, LOL is with you every step of the way. It is our job to listen and only after having met with you and discussed your requirements will we recommend and quote on a solution that fits your brief. Our team of experts will then work around your lifestyle, providing a safe and quality service that ensures your home remains in great condition.

To talk through your plans for home improvement, or to find out more about the new legislation, please contact us on 01664 562729 or email

How safe is your house?

Electrical safety is not optional. Here are some top tips to help you protect yourself and those around you from the hazards associated with taking too many risks:

  1. Ensure the cords on your appliances are in good condition and are not frayed or cracked. Keep all cords out of busy areas, but never attach them to the wall or place them under carpets or rugs.
  2. Keep your wall sockets in good condition and replace any that are damaged.
  3. Ensure extension leads are not overloaded with too many appliances.
  4. Always make sure your plugs fit the sockets and never remove the ground pin (the third prong).
  5. Always put the correct bulb in a light fixture and replace those that have a higher wattage than recommended. Screw bulbs in tightly to make sure they don't overheat.
  6. Correct fuses must be used at all times for electrical circuits.
  7. Always unplug electrical appliances when near water and do not use it until it has been checked if it does come in contact with water.
  8. During an electrical storm do not use appliances and keep torches to hand in case of a power outage.
  9. Do not position portable electric heaters close to combustible materials such as bedding and curtains and always plug them directly into a wall socket.