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Did you know?

Around 1000 electrical accidents at work are reported each year and about 30 people die from their injuries. Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

You're covered

At LOL, your peace of mind is always top of the agenda. That's why all work carried out by us will be supported on completion by one of the following certificates:

Minor Works Certificate

This is provided for modifications, alterations or additions to any existing circuits. The installation should not require a new or additional primary protective circuit fuse or MCB.

Initial Inspection and Test Certificate

We will provide a completion certificate for all new installations, or alterations and additions to existing installations, carried out by our technicians.

Periodic Inspection and Test Certificate

This will be provided following inspections on work not initially carried out by the team at LOL.

Words to the wise

Electrical hazards in the workplace can be avoided. Here are a few simple steps to help your company minimise the dangers.

1) Make sure you use the appropriate cable covers for tidying up appliance cords and avoiding trips, rather than covering them with rugs or coiling them up.

2) Where electric heaters are used, always make sure they are not close to anything combustible.

3) Check all cords on a regular basis to ensure there are no exposed wires or loose wiring and replace any damaged plugs or sockets immediately.

4) Extension leads should not be a permanent fixture to any workplace solution. Always seek the advice of a qualified electrician is you think extra wall sockets are required.

The right switch

The workplace can be a stressful environment, fuelled by the need to drive productivity and improve the bottom line. In the interests of getting the job done, the responsibility to ensure electrical appliances and systems comply with the law can often be overlooked, with potentially fatal consequences.

The law requires you to take all reasonable precautions to ensure electrical installations and appliances are suitably installed and maintained, so as to prevent electric shock, burns or fire due to damage, wear or misuse. There is no excuse for poorly maintained electrical equipment and keeping on top of things certainly won't cost the earth.

At LOL, we can give you one less thing to worry about. As well as providing electrical engineering design, consultancy and installation to cover all your electrical needs, we offer both periodic inspections and portable appliance testing. Our testing programmes are designed to give both employers and their staff a cost-effective route to maximum protection with minimum disruption.

We understand the difficulty of finding the time to switch off and shut-down and that's why our qualified technicians will do everything in their power to ensure it is business as usual in your workplace. Working with a representative from your company, our team will identify sensitive areas and pre-arrange a time for shutting down your systems. Having completed the testing we will then advise on the reconnection of equipment to get your systems back to work.

LOL is committed to putting your company on the right side of the law, and with a tracking system to alert you to the date of retest, keeping you there.

To take the danger out of your daily schedule contact 01664 562729 or email

Electrical installation testing and inspection

Regardless of how well looked after your electrical equipment may be, all things deteriorate with age and wear and tear. It is therefore essential that every electrical installation is inspected and tested at regular intervals to identify necessary remedial work and ensure it is safe to remain in service until the next test.

How often?

LOL's periodic inspection of electrical equipment is to confirm the continued safety and serviceability of your installations and to ensure the building remains compliant with relevant aspects of the Electricity at Work regulations.

LOL are also Gas Safe Registered and can therefore issue Landlord Certificates to compliment the electrical Periodics.

For each installation, the age and condition, the date of previous inspections and the availability of records will determine the extent of the inspection and testing. Sample inspections and tests are normally acceptable for well-maintained installations with previous test results and documentation, but those poorly maintained with no records will probably require a full inspection and test.

Having conducted a visual inspection to identify any damage, overloading or wear and tear, our team we will then carry out a series of tests to ensure compliance. Where specialist machinery, such as generators and lift equipment, is present we will only test circuits up to the point of isolation of the equipment within this contract.

On completion of the inspection and testing, a periodic inspection and test report will be issued for the installation as prescribed by the IEE Wiring Regulations and will include a test schedule showing the results of all relevant tests carried out. Once checked, this report will be forwarded to you for your reference.

All instances of non-compliance we be documented, although where possible we will rectify the problem at the point of testing. For larger, more labour intensive repaire we will alert you to the issue and work with you to come up with a solution that enables you to continue working in a safe environment.

The frequency of testing depends on the level of risk attached to the workplace. A routine check is recommended on an annual basis for cinemas and hospitals but every four months for swimming pools and educational establishments. Once tested, however, we will always diarise a retest and contact you nearer the time so you needn't worry about keeping up-to-date.

For more information on the expected intervals between tests click here.

Portable Appliance Testing

From kettles and fridges to printers and scanners, if it doesn't have a pass label, it doesn't make the grade.

At LOL Contracts, we deliver a portable appliance testing service that is reliable and cost effective. All our technicians are qualified electricians or trained to City & Guilds standards to help you create a safe and hazard-free environment within which to work.

How often?

Testing isn't just about following the guidelines, it's about giving you the confidence to know your employees are not at risk. That's why we keep you informed at every stage of the process and give you all the information you need to eliminate danger.

Following a survey to establish the extent of the work, each individual appliance in your workplace will be allocated a code before undergoing a visual inspection to check for signs of damage and heavy usage. A series of tests are then carried out and assuming the results are within the accepted limits, a pass label will be fixed to the appliance showing the relevant test details. If, for any reason, an appliance fails, it will be taken out of service immediately and marked with a 'failed' label.

On completion of the inspection and testing, a report will be issued listing the appliances tested along with the results and details of any minor remedial work carried out.

The frequency of testing again depends on the level of risk associated with the appliance and the environment. For some equipment used by the public, weekly or monthly formal inspections are recommended whereas for hotels it can be up to two years before any checks on stationary equipment need to be carried out.

To check whether its time for your next test click here.

The five year plan

When it comes to electrical testing we understand that not everything needs to be tested in one go. At LOL, we offer a positive planning service, which covers the testing of fixed wiring, portable appliances, emergency lighting and fire alarms.

Forget having to remember test dates for your appliances. With an LOL planned maintenance programme we have everything covered from immediate inspection to longer term testing schedules. We will work with you to create a bespoke solution that both satisfies your requirements and workplace regulations. And by conducting a percentage of tests with each visit, rather than in one go, we can also help you spread the cost of your commitment over a five year period.

Raising the standard

With legislation being revised on a regular basis, LOL has a strict policy of keeping up-to-date and making immediate changes where required to give customers an informed and reliable service. All our inspections and testing will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the following regulations and publications:

  1. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  2. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  3. The IEE Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment
  4. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  5. The provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  6. BS 7671 - 17th edition IEE wiring Regulations 2008

For more information about any of the above regulations please contact LOL on 01664 562729 or email